Sermons by Pastor Blessing Olamijulo


Forces of Dedication

Speaker: | April 14, 2019

Many of us are Christians, but we are not dedicated Christians. Paul didn’t want to be free from being a prisoner of Christ (Eph. 3: 1-2). Being a prisoner of Christ comes with a prize....


The Seven Spirits of God (II)

Speaker: | February 24, 2019

Read first part here **** THE SPIRIT OF UNDERSTANDING Daniel 5:12. The person that has this spirit becomes knowledgeable, he/she can interpret and solve issues. Exodus 31: 1. Natural understanding comes by reading but spiritual...


Covenant Day of Favour

Speaker: | February 17, 2019

Divine favour is a force that connects a man to His future. Everyone has a picture of their future, but not everyone enters into that future because they are not favoured. What is Favour? Favour...


Dominion Through Planning

Speaker: | January 27, 2019

Proverbs 24: 3-4 Just as feet is to walking, so is wisdom to planning. A vision without proper planning will not see fulfilment. To experience dominion this year, you must make planning priority in every...