The Anointing – 6th Ladder of the Spirit

The Anointing - 6th Ladder of the Spirit

Isaiah 55:1 “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat, Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” (NIV)

It takes your thirst to be filled, those that thirst after righteousness will be filled with the spirit.

The first thing you need is a genuine thirst that can’t be quenched with natural water. If you want to purchase wine and milk you have to pay, so is it in the spirit realm; here, there is a price to pay not physical money.

Wine refers to the spirit, while the milk talks about prosperity. Therefore, you can’t buy with money but you can get it with a price. Labour for what money cannot buy (the things of the spirit). Your spiritual weight is your actual weight. The strength of your spirit will take over your surroundings, therefore if you don’t oppress you will be suppressed.

What the Anointing is:

  • An empowerment of the spirit. 1 John 2:20, Just like you carry physical muscle, so is it that you are strong in the spirit.
  • To be smeared with oil. This means to be immersed with the oil. The difference between David’s anointing and Saul’s anointing is the number of times David was anointed. David was anointed three times while Saul was anointed just once.

This means David was immersed and soak with the full anointing while it was just placed on Saul.

  • It’s that which turns you into another man. The moment Samuel anointed Saul, he became another man he started prophesying regardless of not being a prophet.
  • It is the Holy Spirit on the believer 1John2:27when you are anointed, the oil stops on your head but the substance enters your spirit therefore, you much come with an open heart before being anointed.

Each ministry carries a specific anointing. The anointing empowers you to perform according to the office you are ministering.

Psalm 92:10-14 a man that is anointed is planted in God, the devil can’t uproot him. When you are anointed you will keep bearing fruit in every aspect of your life.

Effects of the Anointing

  1. Your eyes will be opened. It gives you the capacity for open eyes, you can’t be anointed and be or remain blind to the things of the spirit.
  2. Your spiritual ears will be opened.
  3. You will flourish in your health, finance and every other aspect of your life.
  4. You will be blessed abundantly.
  5. You will bring forth dreams that will feed the nation.
  6. You become the candidate to manifest the presence of God.

Levels of the Anointing

Level 1:

The Leper’s anointing: Leviticus 14:12-18 this gives you an experience of salvation because your hands get cleansed at salvation making it a one-time experience.

It doesn’t keep coming on your head like service or power anointing.

It doesn’t mean the person can’t fall but the anointing won’t get dry. It washes your hand from evil and order your steps.

Level 2:

The Priestly Anointing- Psalm 133:1-3 this is the oil that comes upon the pastor, minsters or workers.

It is for service and ministering in the kingdom. This helps your service in the department to be accepted.

It’s not a one-time thing but an experience. As you pray and fast it increases. You will notice your capacity and longing for God will increase. You become different amongst your peers, it cleans you up and puts you in a higher realm.

The more your service increases, the more the anointing increases.

Prayer Point

Father anoint me afresh for service.

Release the oil for service, make it fresh on me.

Anoint me for your service, take me to another level oh Lord.


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