Angelic Ministrations And Christians – 7th Ladder of the Spirit

Angelic Ministrations

“The word Angel or Angels appeared in New Testament ninety (92) times while in the Old Testament one hundred and ninety-four (194) times, making a total of two hundred and eighty-six (286) times.

The word Angel was derived from the Greek word “Angellos” which means messenger or message bearer.

Features of Angels

  1. They are God’s chariots: Hebrews 1:13-14, Psalm 68:17
  2. They belong to Jesus: Matthew 4:11, Matthew 16:27
  3. Some fell to the Devil: Jude 1:6
  4. Everyone has an angel(s): Matthew 18:10

The more your work force in the kingdom increases, there will be more angels assigned to you.

Characteristics of Angels

  1. Angels are Intelligent: The intelligence of man is great (the genius have used 20-25% percent of their brain) but angels are super intelligent. When you pray and ask for angelic assistance, it means you are asking for the capacity that is beyond yours. They are revealers, they reveal what seems covered. When angelic assistance comes there is unveiling.  Isaiah 11:2-3.
  2. Angels are Immortal: Luke 20:36 they don’t die because they are immortal.
  3. Angels are Holy: Mark 8:38 there is no dirtiness or unholiness around an angel. You must also become holy in order to get their attention. When you constantly live in sin, you will suspend angelic assistance.
  4. Angels are Innumerable: Hebrews 12:22, any time angels enter a location they carry the spirit of God, therefore, every affliction you put in that atmosphere will disappear. Job 25:3 sometimes there are more angels in church than there are human beings.
  5. Angels are Extraordinarily Strong: Psalm 103:20 If you need angelic assistance then you need to know the word.
  6. Angels are Invisible: You can’t see them with your optical eyes but when your eyes are opened in the spirit, when you open your physical eyes you will see them.
  7. Angels are not made for marriage.
  8. Angels are without flesh and blood.
  9. Angels are always Joyful.
  10. Angels are not to be Worshipped: Revelation:22:8-9, Colossians 2:8

How Angels Minister to Humans

  1. They lead God’s people. They are given the permission by God to lead us and guide us. Hebrews 1:13-14. They minister and bring revelation to us but it doesn’t mean we should pray and ask them to show us. We pray to Jesus then they receive instructions to guide us to the right part.
  2. You don’t base your spiritual leadings on angels because you don’t even know the one that is speaking to you. Genesis 23:20
  3. They protect. Psalm 91:11 The angel of His presence” brings God presence to us always. Therefore, you are too protected to be molested.
  4. They can be entertained. Sometimes, angelic beings make themselves visible and come to visit men.
  5. They deliver. For example, Daniel. They encamp round about those who fear God, either in your absence or presence they will surround all that is linked to you. Psalm 34:7
  6. They fight. An angel killed one hundred and eight five thousand people in a day. Isaiah 37:36, 2Kings 19:35
  7. They provide food and water. They are in the department of providing food. If they provide food and water, they can meet your needs. For example, Haggai and Elijah. Genesis 21:17-19, 1Kings 19:5-8
  8. They encourage and strengthens. When you are down and it looks are as things aren’t working, they angels of God comes to strengthen us. Luke 22:49, Acts 27:23-24.

When angelic assistance comes there is unveiling.


Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International