The Spirit Language – A Spiritual Ladder


One of the communication systems of the spirit language is signs – even when no sound is made!

The spirit language is astounding, unspeakable and inexpressible to the non-spiritual mind/ears.

God has to take you from the flesh and separate you from the natural completely before you can hear Him!
Read II Cor. 12: 3-4 in different Bible translations for better understanding!

To be in tune and on the same frequency with God, you need to be still in your body, mind and spirit even if you are speaking and declaring powerful words with your heart’s might!

The spirit language is a code! A shorthand of some sort! Your soul has to have the capacity to break it down into mere words.

Your eyes of understanding is connected to your soul; when God speaks to your soul, your understanding becomes able to decode it.


Job 6: 25

Your words are not ordinary – they are spirit, they are life and they carry force. There is a difference between “life” and being “alive” – your words carry the force and power to give anything/any situation life. This means you can force sickness out of your life, you can force the destroyer out of your finances.

Heb. 1: 3. Your words have creative ability – because there is force in them, you can create your own world with your words. That is why it is foolishness to keep quiet when someone is speaking negative about your life.
Spirit language decodes whatever instruction/direction God is giving you; it breaks down the spiritual information so that you do not misinterpret.


If we can’t surrender to Him, we can’t enjoy His total blessing. The limit to the blessing you can enjoy is directly proportional to how far you can surrender to Him. The height of our Christian work is that nothing happens to us because we work for God – this is if you can use your words right! How forcible are your words? The word carries power.

“God doesn’t fail, God cannot fail, therefore don’t expect me to fail, because I will never fail.”

This should be your daily proclamation! This is how you should speak and use the spirit language.


  • Speak with conviction of faith. You speak with authority to whatever is around you. Let every word that comes out from you be full of conviction and faith. 2 Corinthians 4:13. A baby in the Lord will speak first before believing, but a mature     man in the spirit will believe first before speaking. Acts 14:8 – this is how we command miracles in our lives and bodies. What you do with the word determines your progress in life.
  • Speak boldly and with confidence. Acts 4:29-30. If you must be a loud talker, be a loud faith talker. Hebrews 4:16, 13:6. In the realm of the spirit, timidity is not an option – bold declarations is what works.
  • Speak continuously in tongues. 2 Corinthians 14:1-15. Speak in tongues for a long time, this will release energy into your being. Speaking in tongue reduces your flesh and increases your spirit.

When you are speaking in tongues:

  • Speak with concentration. Don’t allow any other thing break your concentration.
  • Speak with a picture or a desire in mind. Have a particular thing you are speaking into being/reality.
  • Speak with an enlightened worded mind. Breathe, live, profess the word of God even while on the go anywhere.



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