The Seven Spirits of God (III)


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Eph. 1: 17

The spirit of knowledge gives you capacity to know what you have not read or been enlightened about. Information comes to you in way you don’t know, information keeps flowing in your spirit.

It empowers you for divine knowledge and enlightened mind.

It is an impartation of the omniscient of God in your mind. A man bestowed with the spirit of knowledge is not caught in dangerous situations – the knowledge propels you and moves you out of the environment before the situation happens.

Word of knowledge is born from the spirit of knowledge, it comes and goes as your minister the word you have received – the spirit of knowledge of God however resides in you!

This spirit gives you fresh ideas always.


Prov. 1: 7 – The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

It is a dangerous thing to follow a man that does not fear the Lord, it is a more dangerous thing to be a man that does not fear God.

Prov. 8: 13-16. The person that fears the Lord is not arrogant.

May God plant His fear in our hearts and nation. Anyone who does not fear God will not value humanity. If you fear God, you will respect people.

It is one thing to know about God and another thing to fear Him. If you fear God, you will not talk against churches and men of God. When the devil wants to destroy a person, he takes away from him first the fear of God.

The fear of the Lord exists for us to reverence Him and to dread Him.

Upon each believer are all the seven spirits of God. Zech. 3: 9; I Pet. 2: 4; Acts 2: 4; I Cor.  14: 15.

Say this prayer, “Oh Lord I receive the seven spirits of God in my life in the name of Jesus. I receive the spirit of might, of counsel, of knowledge, of wisdom, of understanding, of the Lord and the fear of God!”

I decree and declare,

The spirit of God is upon you! The spirit of might is upon you, God will baptize you with the spirit of the fear of God. Your faith is increased this month in the name of Jesus!

God bless you this new month!



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