Psa. 121: 1-8

What Does It Mean To Be Preserved?

  • It is to be exempted. Job 22: 29
  • To be preserved is to be kept aside or separated.
  • To escape general and specific attacks.


  • I Sam. 16: 1 – David was from the family and background of servanthood and slavery! However, God preserved David and he became a king – the one that came from servanthood became a king! God took David out of smallness! May you never remain small!
  • I Sam. 17: 49 – God preserved David from Goliath. God gave David the boldness to defeat Goliath.
  • II Sam. 24: 15 – God preserved David from national calamities.
  • I Sam. 30: 1, 19 – God preserved David from invaders, and made him recover all he had lost.

Why Was David Preserved?

Because he was a man of integrity. Psa. 26: 1. David was sincere despite several errors – and God looked at his heart. God favours a person with integrity, are you one?

David many times, because he was the king, could have denied many of his atrocities, but he didn’t. He also had the chance to kill his superior – Saul, but he didn’t.

2. Because he was passionate about God’s house. Psa. 121: 5

3. Because he was a worshipper and a praise addict!


There is a covenant of preservation over your life. There is a mighty shield over everything that is yours.

Your preservation is a covenant that cannot be broken. You dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.


As you go this week, ask yourself “what have I done to God to deserve His preservation?”

Every strong man standing as a Goliath in your life will fall before you in Jesus’ name!

Anyone that says you cannot be something, they will come to depend on you. God is giving you victory!

May the anointing for preservation and lifting come upon you in Jesus’ name.

Whatever is in your foundation and fighting you, victory is coming for you!

This month heaven will give you total victory over every battle of your background.

The mark of preservation is upon you, your household and our nation in Jesus’ name.

From now till the end of the month, you will have back to back victory! Your testimony will shake tables!


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International