Life is warfare and not fun fair. We must know that life’s warfare and battle must be faced and not be run away from. You have to fight for what you want because life won’t just give it to you. Nobody becomes a champion on a platform of no fight.  John 16:33

As a Christian, believe that you do not have problem; we only go through challenges and through it comes the medal for life.

The greater the challenge against you, the obvious it is that you have the capacity to overcome it.

In your fight today lies your honey tomorrow. If you run away from the fight of today, you have lost your joy of tomorrow.

Ecclesiastes 6:1. There are always challenges to go through as a man, but as a Christian there is something in you that will help you conquer.



Background Challenge

Psalm 11:3. Some cities and villages have been blessed so anyone born in those cities will be blessed, equally some cities are cursed so everyone born in that city will carry those curses – until they fight to break them.

People that run away from challenges will never have a name to be celebrated.

Destiny Challenge

I Chron. 4: 9-10. This challenge is the battle between your destiny and your reality; between your prophecy and fulfilment.

Everyone carries a prophecy, a dream and a destiny – there is a reason why you are born, but the battle here is when will start living the reality of your destiny.

To live your true destiny physically, a warfare must happen spiritually to fight off the challenges.

If you do nothing about your destiny, time will go without you fulfilling purpose.

What is Destiny?

It is what you are born to be and achieve. Where you are born has nothing to do with what you will achieve.

It is your signature of difference. We may look alike but destiny is different.  In the school of life, you don’t cheat because what you are going through is not the same as what the other person is going through.

It is your value and relevance to life. Without your destiny coming to pass, your value will not be seen. Ecclesiastes 10:5-6

I decree and declare today,

  • Every power that is fighting your rising, I resist them today!
  • Every power contending with your destiny, I command them to die!
  • You will not live below your destiny in Jesus’ name.
  • Whatever has been done with or against your name that is stopping you from becoming, I declare that those things are destroyed!
  • No divination or enchantment against you will prosper from today.
  • Everyone reading this that has been disconnected from their place in God and in destiny, today you are reconnected! You are becoming! In the ultimate plan of God, you will not me missing.
  • May your sun shine at its full capacity in the name of Jesus.


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International