Mark 16: 1-6; I Cor. 15: 4-6

Easter is a time to be excited! Our Saviour’s tomb is empty – this is one thing other religions do not have – an empty tomb, evidence of a resurrected King!


  1. I Cor. 15: 14 – Resurrection is the potency of the gospel. There would have been no power if Christ had not risen.
  2. It is the potency of our faith!
  3. It dispatches the newness of life and righteousness. Without the resurrection of Christ, there would have been no new life.
  4. It is the seed of the resurrection of the saints. Christ’s resurrection is proof that every dead in Christ and all saints will rise again.
  5. It is our escape route from eternal death. We escaped from death and hell as a result of His resurrection.

Resurrection reveals to us that:

  • God is a promise-keeper. I pray for you today, every word spoken to you by the mouth of God will find fulfilment in your life in the name of Jesus! God does not play with His words – whatever He says, He will do. Matt. 12: 24
  • Revelation reveals that both God and the devil work at the same time, on the same project with different objectives! The devil thought he was killing Jesus without knowing that he was working to fulfil God’s objective! Sometimes it looks like there is an attack on your life, without you knowing God’s plan for that thing. Sometimes you need a Judas!
  • The revelation of resurrection shows that God has the final say! In your life and in everything that concerns you, God’s say will stand in the name of Jesus!


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International