As it is our month of victory, it is important to know the various forces of victory to help us along the way – the confidence spirit, the warfare spirit and praise.


Victory can just be an expectation if what you should do has been left undone. Until you are willing to engage in the fight and go into anything you want with all you’ve got, you cannot be called a champion.

Your language in a battle is important. To be victorious, you have to be confident.

1 Cor. 15:57 Jesus is the conqueror, we are the more than conquerors. If you claim to be more than a conqueror, you must know how to walk and act – with confidence. So you must be willing to go to the battle field confidently before you become victorious.

Confidence is a tool for victory. Hebrews 12:35. It is about who you are, more than what you do. Nobody fulfils a dream and a vision without confidence.

What is Confidence?

Job 14:14. It is to have a feeling and expression of certainty – speaking with certainty, and people can see it in you. Just as fear can be seen, so can see confidence. Attacks will come but confidence will see you through.

Confidence is the quality of trust in someone or in something. Until you are confident in yourself, you cannot see the miracle God is working and bringing for you.

Confidence is undoubted assurance in a person.

Without confidence, you can’t achieve anything. Fighting without confidence is like a mouth without teeth to bite. Many are fighting battles with a loser’s mentality, but having confidence will guarantee victory. II Cor. 7:16


Philippians 4:13

  1. Self-Confidence. This is the level of “I can”; and it is all about self-perception.
  2. Confidence in God. This is the level of “I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.” It is having the perception that God can, will and has already made you a victor. It is a combination of confidence in yourself and God.

One important thing regarding confidence – never surround yourself with people that don’t believe in you.


Life is not a funfair, life is a warfare, and spiritual violence is crucial for total victory.

What may be might never be if you do not make moves! Waiting for the day things will be better can lead to nothing happening at all; so you must be angry in your spirit and take it by force.

Your confidence in God empowers you to take your victory by force in the spirit.

Necessity of Spiritual Warfare & Violence

  1. Because the only language the devil understands is violence. Deut. 2: 24. Until you are violent about it, one may stay there forever. To enjoy victory, you must have a warfare spirit. Matthew 11:12
  2. Your level of violence sometimes depends on the degree of victory you will become.

Meaning of Violence Spirit

  • Aggressive spirit of a fighter
  • Refusal to give up to defeat
  • Ability to remain in a fight until miracle happens


One of the forces that can give you victory is living the life of thanksgiving. When you pray God sends His angels, when you praise, He comes down himself. A praiseful man is a man that walks in continuous praise. Habakkuk 3:17-18

Praise is a weapon, you don’t just dance because you want to entertain or exercise yourself. When you praise God, you are releasing the weapon of warfare. When you thank God, He owes you an answer. Thanksgiving in challenge makes God a debtor.

Praise is too important for victory. Acts 16:25

  • Praise gets the attention of the Lord of host. When the praise gets to Him he steps down into the situation.
  • It releases strength on the believer for victory. You get strength from the realm of the spirit.
  • Praise gives victory over stronger forces. When you are faced with something bigger than you, turn it to praise. Psalm 105:24

I pray for you this month, every blessing with your name on it will be released unto you in Jesus’ name!

I pray for a confident spirit and a violent spirit in prayer for you this month in Jesus’ name. Things are beginning to change for you.


God bless you for reading!

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