Isa. 8: 18 – “Behold, I and the children whom the LORD hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.”

Our heritage as believers is to live a life of signs and wonders; it is to live a life of miracles. Our daily mantra should be that “I am for signs and wonders.”

Superanatural is something we should not struggle to live for. Everywhere we go, signs should follow us. The believer is not praying for prosperity, he is born prosperous.

What is Supernatural?

It is the act that is beyond the natural. These acts include healing, provisions, vengeance, blessings, turn-around, and much more that is beyond the natural.

Luke 1: 35 – when the power of the Highest comes upon and overshadows you, the natural gives way for the supernatural.

When God steps in, natural things are suspended.

Vs. 37 – when you step into the supernatural realm and you operate from it, nothing becomes impossible.

Many have lost miracles because they agreed with the devil, but if you operate from the standpoint of the supernatural – you know that you can get everything you want!

Supernatural involves acts and miracles beyond human and natural calculations.

This week, may you experience outbursts of favour!

Supernatural involves divine happenings that are beyond natural occurrences.

When you doubt the supernatural hand of God you are not permitted to enjoy it!

Supernatural is the spiritual power that suspends or overshadows natural laws. In the world, there are several laws – one of them is the law of gravity, flotation, aerodynamics, etc.

II Kings 6: 1-7

Behind every man of God, there is a God – when you doubt the words of the man of God, what you are really doing is doubting God. People lose blessings because they want to operate from logical thinking – a realm very different from the supernatural.

The situation involving the axe head floating is a perfect example. The supernatural power overrode the law of flotation in that scenario.

Exo. 14: 21,22

To believe God is to anticipate an answer. Obedience born out of faith makes the supernatural happen.

To partake of the supernatural, we must obey first – like Moses did when he got to the Red Sea. He stretched forth his hand in obedience, it wasn’t his hand that parted the sea, it was God.

We need to stop asking how, we just need to ask God to do it!

Matt. 14: 25-29 – Jesus shamed the law of flotation and walked on water; and one important thing to note is that only His disciples saw Him. Sometimes, the supernatural is not meant for the general – question is will you position yourself to experience it?

Until you lose your natural mind, you cannot understand spiritual things!

Peter doubted, but in all of history – he was the only one that walked on water with Jesus, because he obeyed. It is better to go down obeying God than to stand with men.

Supernatural takes place when you superimpose the spiritual over natural laws. The moment we subject ourselves to natural laws, God cannot help us.

There is no supernatural without the spiritual. As a believer, you are a spirit; and the more you sit and commune with the Spirit, the more you become the Spirit. We cannot afford to take holidays from God.

Galatians 2:20; John 14:12; John 3:6

Supernatural is when divinity swallows humanity. When we let God increase while we decrease. John 3: 30. Supernatural takes place when the Almightiness of God swallows the limitedness/smallness of men.

Supernatural also happens when God’s power swallows up demonic activities.

Anything that is not of God, planted in your house, family, body etc. they are being swallowed up now!

Supernatural occurs when God’s life quickens a dad body. Ezek. 37: 7-10; Rom. 8: 11

Pastor Blessing preaching on "Supernatural my birthright"

Supernatural, Being Your Birthright

Whatever is your birthright is your inheritance – it is not something you labour for, it is something you are born into!

So as believers and sons of God, supernatural is what we are born into; and whatever you are born into should become your lifestyle.

Note the words underlined in the following texts:

Col. 1: 13 – “Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:”

Eph. 1: 3, 18 – “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ… The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints.”

Psa. 16: 6 – “The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places ; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

Our heritage and birthright in God involves deliverance, blessings and riches. God has kept for us the beautiful heritage of good health, prosperity, good family among many others.

From today, may you begin to manifest the supernatural in Jesus’ name! Amen!


God bless you for reading!

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