This month of May, heaven will visit you! It is your month of unusual favour!

This month of May is characterized with miracles, miracles that are beyond your calculations.

One major way of bring God’s supernatural hand down on your life is through praising Him.

Everything responds to praise, plus your thing! If you have prayed and it seems like nothing is happening, switch to praise!

Praise brings the rain on every seed for a raise. When you pray, you have sown a seed, when you give you have also sown a seed – but it is your praise that opens the heavens for rain on your seed!

Everyone that calls your name for evil, as you praise this new month, heaven will fight for you!

Sometimes we pray out of worry and anxiety – but no one praises or dances out anxiety. While you can pray with fear, you cannot praise with fear! You forget all your worries when you praise, which is why it is a very important way to reach God!

As you praise God this month, your matter is getting a solution.

Supernatural encounters are divine manifestations in the affairs of men. It is when God comes into the affairs of men to take over!

Supernatural encounter is divine visitation that cancels man’s affliction. When God visits you, your afflictions go away for life!

Exo. 3: 7 – God knows your sorrows and afflictions, He sees everything that makes you cry; and there is not point telling Him about them, what we should do is praise Him more for the things He’s about to put to an end.

This month marks the end to every struggling in your life. God is stepping into your finance, marriage, health in the name of Jesus.

Supernatural encounter is the angelic assistance in the hopelessness of men. Daniel 6:19-25. It is the visitation of the angel of God in your life to remove hopelessness and fill you with hope. When a situation looks hopeless then God, for your sake by supernatural encounter, sends an angel to help you. This month may you have an angelic visitation.

Sometimes angels don’t come with instructions only, they come with blessings. Every true encounter with God leaves you with a proof, there is always something to show that God has visited you.

To manifest is to show up for. This month, God is showing up for you in Jesus’ name! He will show Himself in your situation and affairs!

Exo. 4: 19 – “And the LORD said unto Moses in Midian, Go, return into Egypt: for all the men are dead which sought thy life.”

God could have protected Moses right there in Egypt, just as He could have protected Jesus from Herod instead of having to make them both go far, BUT even protection has location! Anointing does not cover you where God is not covering you – you must abide under for you to be protected.

Vs. 20 – “And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.”

Moses took the rod – it was an ordinary rod that became the rod of God because he was about to use it for God’s work! One of the rods of God that you can take in your hand to help you do wonders is the rod of praise.

Supernatural Encounters to Expect:


The subject of deliverance has been bastardized, because people think deliverance is about falling down and rolling around on the floor. Deliverance is the entrance of light causing darkness to depart, and that is exactly what you should expect this month IF you will praise!

Acts 16: 25 – Paul and Silas switched to praise, and at the sound of thanksgiving they were set free! As you praise this month, you will be set free from every bondage!

When God delivers you from pain, He delivers you into gain! As you praise this month, gain is yours on all sides!


John 6: 5. Where there is supernatural encounters, there is provision. Jesus fed a multitude in the face of “not enough”. Sometimes it looks like all hope is lost, but you need to know that when it looks the darkest, that is when God is the closest!

When we give God praise, like Jesus thanked His Father for the bread and fishes, He supernaturally provides! Praise provokes provision!

This month, from unusual places, provision is coming for you!


Psa. 67: 5-7. When supernatural encounter happens, some self-announcing miracles begin in your life! When you give Him praise, He rewards you with increase!

Jer. 30: 18 – Mercy does not give you what you deserve, but it gives you what God reserves! As you praise God this month, His mercy will come on you! God is increasing and multiplying you!


When you praise you don’t need to struggle for victory, it has been given. 2 Chronicles 20: 22-25 – while the children of God were singing and dancing, their enemies were fighting themselves.

When the devil throws the greatest hit, you should sound the loudest praise.

 This month,

Everyone expecting to hear back news from you, they will be shocked at your goodness.

Where they never thought you will show up, you will be the one to lead them

This week, angels will go with you and stay with you.

No matter the attack I speak over you, you are coming back alive.


God bless you for reading!

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