Welcome to November, you month of harvest and ingathering!

Exodus 23:14-19

Praise is the sickle for harvest.

The act of receiving is something everyone must understand and know well. Towards the end of the year you are to gather your harvest. God doesn’t say thank you, He rewards, and people that love the praise of men may lose the reward of God. Revelation 22:12

Hebrews 4:1-3 – until your faith is released you may not asses any blessing he is releasing to His people.

When you refuse to press for your harvest, you might miss it. Someone else is contending for that thing you want
To not miss it, you must ask for it. God has a reward for your labour, but you must press for it

Press and praise for your harvest to show forth.


– Mercies of God. The race is not for the swift, the battle isn’t for the strong. When God shows a man mercy, things fall for him in pleasant places. Psalm 136:1-7

– Praise Him. The more praiseful you are, the more honorable you become. Psalm 50:23. The more you praise Him, the more fruitful you become. Psalm 60:5. Praise makes you a victor over the challenges of life. Praise qualifies you for more.

One of the rewards God grants those that praise Him is supernatural speed.

– Rugged Faith. Heb. 4: 2. It make not make sense but it makes faith. Faith helps you carry the anointing to overtake. Hebrew 4:1-4 John 4:35 Matthew 11:12, it is yours but you have to take it with force so someone else won’t take it.

Harvest time is a busy time; while you can plant and go – you must be present for harvest.

I pray for you,

  • As you go this new month, God is giving you 11th hour miracles this 11th month. No weapon fashion against you shall prosper.
  • Your time has come!
  • The angel of the Lord will go with you everywhere this month.
  • This season of ingathering, you will have multiple testimonies.
  • I speak increase over the work of your hands.


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International