Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals


– Set of steps towards a desire

– vision with feet’s

1. Purpose Goal

These are life goals that move you towards your destiny

– Academics / Career Goal

– Direction goals: What do u want to achieve, What do you want to be known for?

– Financial Goals: How much are u making, how do u plan to increase your income?

2. Positioning Goal

How u position your self in other to locate a partner or to be found

– Be social: Go out!

– Understand dressing

– Understand the power of communication: Learn how to propose and how to turn it down

3. Companionship Goals

Who qualifies to be your friend

– What’s your temperament

– What’s your dating / friendship standards

– Who and how do u connect wit ppl

4. Sexual Goals

Sex can be both honey and poison in any relationship

– What’s my sexual appetite

– What qualifies a partner to your body

– How does ppl relate with you after sexual connections with u

5. Spiritual Goal

The God factor determines the future of your relationship

– Can u identify Gods leading for your personal life

– What’s God saying about your relationship

– What’s your Pastor saying


Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International