Something we must put in mind this year is PRIORITY. Many people miss it because they do not put the first things first! And the One to put first is God!

Matt. 6: 9-11, 27, 33

When you serve God, the first thing is His need – when you put His kingdom first, everything follows.

We have the capacity to be rich; and with the Holy Spirit we can surpass any limit.

Private personal needs does not count anymore when you are serving God (vv. 31-33)

The moment you are a child of God, whenever something happens around you, your first thoughts should not be carnal. Go beyond your carnal thinking and judge from the spirit point of view. Until the spiritual aspect is solved, most issues repeat themselves again and again.

Let’s take a practical example, shall we? How many parents wait for their children to ask for their school fees before they go to pay? So why do you think God does not know that you need a car, a house, etc.

Why go for the additional when you can get the original? Seek him first! The additional will follow the original! Set your priorities right (vs. 33)

What Does It Mean To Put Him First?

  • Permitting kingdom priorities above personal priorities
  • Having an incurable dedication to God and His house. Let serving God become a “sickness” that cannot be healed! Until people see that there is something about you and God that cannot be stopped, you have not served Him right.

What is that thing you are doing for Him that will keep you alive, like Hezekiah the king?!

  • Giving God the first place in all our endeavours. Prov. 3: 6


  • It shows you love! It proves Him as the Lord of all. John 21: 15
  • He moves you from confession to action. Putting God first moves the believer from confession to reality

Where do you have to prove that you put Him first?

  • IN YOUR SERVICE TO HIM. Psa. 22: 30. What you do for God will count for you and your generation – whether good or bad! There is a generational blessing when you serve God!
  • IN YOUR LIFESTYLE. I Peter 1: 15. Your lifestyle must show that you put God first – it must show that He is Lord of all! Your manner towards others will change – you will value people no matter what they do to you because they are God’s creation.
  • IN YOUR FINANCE. Understand the importance of giving your FIRST FRUIT – the first orders the rest! Giving your first fruit is a mark of honour to God. Don’t be like Achan (Joshua 7)

Honour giving your tithes and offerings.

Matt. 19: 29 – when we give God our all, it qualifies us for a hundredfold!



Psa. 102: 13, 14

  1. When you are dedicated to God’s things and His house, you qualify for favour!
  2. You become heaven’s treasure. When you put God first, you become His treasure! You become His personal project – He personally supervises your life; He puts you first because you put Him first.
  3. 6: 33. He provides supernatural supplies.
  4. You become the head!
  5. You enjoy divine direction. Deut. 32: 12 – As long as you put Him first and add no attachments, God leads you! Serve God alone this year, give Him His space! Let your heart and focus be with and on Him alone.

Vs. 13 – You ride on high places, because God is leading you.

May you sit with great people this year! May His hand be upon you, His shield will be upon you! May you prosper in Jesus’ name!

From today, God will go ahead of you! May you receive grace to put God first in all things!


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International