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When there is no weapon, the battle is lost. As Christians, our weapons are not carnal – rather they are mighty. When we are ignorant of our weapons or lack the know-how on using them, we will live life like a victim instead of as a victor.

God wants us to enjoy a life of continuous victory. He never promised us a life devoid of battles, but He promised of victory. If there was no war, he would not have given us the weapons for battle. Eph. 6: 14


Lack of consistency. Many believers are not consistent with God. The devil is a constant enemy against believers and the church – the only way to win over him and live a steady life of victory is to be consistent with God!

God is consistent God, we just have to match our consistency with His.

Many never trust God to speak to them in other areas of their lives, except marriage – and it is why they make mistakes. A voice you are not used to you cannot recognize. Staying consistently with God lets you recognize His voice and understand His direction. II Kings 13: 14.

Lasting victory is not possible without consistency with God.

We must be consistent in our service, giving, worship and prayers.

You also must be consistent with a joyful heart – with a joyful heart half the battle is won. Even Jesus is always saying “be of good cheer…” (see Matt. 14: 27).

Consistency grants you future rest. It is better to do now the things that will give you future rest. Fast without being told, give cheerfully and don’t stop giving, do not rebel against God’s servants and His church – what you do for the church now is waiting for you, also what you do against the church is equally waiting for you.

Lack of audacity: You can’t face a battle without audacity – you have to be audacious. Life becomes difficult when you are not audacious with it. Being audacious is the ability to take bold steps that guarantees a triumphant life.

There are lots of reward attached to being confident and audacious. What is killing most believers is the lack of confidence – Heb. 10: 35.

God has promised us victory if we will be bold and be courageous! Many have not done what God asked them to do because they are fearful! To have a lion’s share, you must have a lion’s heart.

Lack of audacity is a show of defeat and lack of strength, it is a proof of faintness and low understanding (Prov. 24: 10)

Wrong mindset. Your mindset affects your life-set. The victor’s mindset sees and achieves victory, he believes in possibilities and never accepts defeat/

The victim’s mindset on the other hand accepts defeat. They are always afraid of challenges – they have a loser’s mentality.

Pastor Blessing Olamijulo preaching on OUR WEAPON OF VICTORY


THE WORD OF GOD. Acts 20: 32 – when you word comes, your war ends. Psa. 105: 17. Every trouble of life has its solution in the word of God. A believer without the word of God is like fish without water. The moment you stop feeding on the word of God, you start dying.

If you settle down with the settled word of God, everything around your life will be settled. Matt. 14: 26

OUR FAITH. This comes by hearing the word of God – it cannot come without the word of God. I John 5: 4 – the Christian walk is called the faith walk – we receiver everything we receive by faith and we serve God by faith. Whatever is done out of faith is a sin according to the New Testament; because without it, it is impossible to please God.

Faith is a living force drawn from the living word to live a victorious life.

Eph. 6: 16 – we must never forget your shield of faith with which we conquer against the fiery darts of the enemy.

When your faith is out, your heart is out.

When there is faith failure, there will be heart failure – meaning trouble has come.

Your faith in God determines your weight in life. Are you feather weight or heavy weight?


  • Feed on the word. Rom. 10: 17. What you feed on determines your faith – if your faith level is weak, it means your word level is small.
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with God.
  • Spend time in praying and speaking in other tongues. Jude 1: 20. Speaking in tongues tunes your spirit frequency to God.

FERVENT PRAYER. James 5: 16. The prayer that is not coming from the heart does not reach God’s ears. When you pray from your heart, you generate tremendous power.

The prayer also has to be continued – consistency is important in praying.

Early morning devotion prayer does not grow you – only consistent prayer does.

In Matt. 7, God tells us to ask; but in James 4: 3 He clarifies why we do not receive yet – because we ask amiss.

Prayer Boosters – Righteous living (Psa. 66: 18), Passion for the things we desire – passion makes you pray until you know it is done (James 5: 17), Kingdom-focused prayers – when we tie our needs to God’s need for His kingdom, the answers come faster.

Without aggression, there can’t be possession.

THE BLOOD OF CHRIST is also an important weapon of victory. Rev. 12: 11 – “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…”


I pray for you that from today you will break out of every limitation and step into continuous victory in the name of Jesus.

May you receive the faith that works against failing in Jesus’ name.

I decree and declare that your faith be increased from today in the name of Jesus.

Anything attached around your life that is not of God are falling off from today in Jesus’ name.

May the fire for prayer fall on you today. The grace to pray is resting on you from today in Jesus’ name!


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International