I Sam. 10: 1-2 – Your pastor/prophet is your Samuel, and when he anoints you things turn around and acceleration becomes yours!

Main Text: Psa. 105: 13-15

When the anointing comes on you,

  1. You become loved – people will love you and love to help you.
  2. You become a ruler and/or a captain.
  3. You are restored; everything you have lost become restored.
  4. Acceleration becomes your portion (vs. 3).
  5. You become favoured. Favour is when people beg you to give you (vs. 4). Amazing favour is coming for you this year!
  6. Your level of influence increases (vs. 5).

As you anoint yourself right now, I decree and declare over your life,

  • Your head carries prophecy. The evil mark of working for people and they end up hating you is removed today; that cycle is broken in Jesus name.
  • Everything that has been ruling over you before now, as this anointing touch your head, they depart from you NOW. May you become a captain!
  • The men that will help you may you find them. Double helpers are coming for you. Those that left you before will come back from today in Jesus’ name!
  • There will be divine restoration in every area of your life.
  • As this oil comes upon you, heaven is opening for you. May you go from local to global.
  • God is giving you influence all over the world.
  • God is taking you from poverty to riches; from your present level to a higher level.
  • As you and your children go around this week, God will fight for you.
  • Your Joseph in chains is being free now.
  • For your wasted years, God is giving you double! If you believe – because what you believe is what you receive.
  • Something is happening for you in a hurry, and you are coming back with a wonder testimony.


God bless you for reading!

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