Matt. 6: 29-33

As business men we must know that first of all we are believers, and the way we do business must be different from the way others do – we are stewards and must put kingdom priorities first.

We cannot add anything to ourselves by worrying; we lose things because we lose focus on kingdom priorities and because we lack faith (vs. 30).

Anxiety, fear and worry are all proof of absence of faith – where faith is not available, these things do not stand. It is important to build our faith to the level where the economy of the nations does not faze us. The truth is even when money fails, things still comes to those that believe.

My life, my business, my ministry is above the tension of this world – this becomes your slogan.

However to get this kind of blessings, we must seek first God and His kingdom. The mistake we make is that we focus on the natural instead of the supernatural – this is where focusing on kingdom priorities come in!



As believers we represent the kingdom of God, and we must be able to let God see that we are focused on the kingdom more than our business and selves.

We must understand that the reason God gave us our gifts and business is not so that we use them for ourselves only, but for the body of Christ.

The moment our focus has shifted from God to self, we have missed it.

Kingdom wealth is not for accumulation, it is for distribution!

Phil. 2:5 – God wants us to zoom our minds on the kingdom, and when we do that He prospers the work of our hands, because He knows we will use them for the kingdom.

Luke 2: 49 – Jesus at twelve years old already had the mindset of the kingdom and His Father’s work.

What Does It Mean To Have Kingdom Mindset?

  1. Training and developing your mind on kingdom priorities. We must train our minds towards it because the things of this world will not allow. If we do not train our minds to be faithful and not lose sight of the kingdom, God cannot entrust us with things.
  2. Knowing and accepting that you belong to the kingdom. We live on earth, but we are from heaven.
  3. To think kingdom thoughts.


Many people want to do so many things at the same time – and they end up achieving nothing on all ends.

Having kingdom focus is knowing that everything else can wait, BUT the kingdom!

Can you sacrifice your greatest needs now for the kingdom? Can you give it all?

When you have kingdom focus, the first thing you think of is not what you want to do or buy, rather the question you ask is “God what do you want me to do?” WHY? Because wealth is not measured by what we possess, but by those that have risen because of us!

Having kingdom focus is serving the kingdom with passion. Col. 3: 22-25

Having kingdom focus is seeing everything with the eyes of the kingdom.


Prov. 13: 20 – “He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

If you keep company with people that do not prioritize the kingdom and the things of God, their views and mindsets will affect your stand, passion and your walk with God, and eventually things start going wrong in several aspects of your life.

Keep friends with people that the fire of the kingdom is burning in their hearts; position yourself to get God’s blessings in your life and business by keeping not just good, but kingdom company.

I pray for you today, receive the grace to surrender all to Christ today in the name of Jesus. Grace to put Him first, and give your all will be bestowed upon you in the name of Jesus!


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International