God is a covenant and a generational God, what He does and says to the father, he will do for the children if they can connect to it also. Psa. 89: 34. God will not change or break His word. He respects His covenant. The moment a man steps into covenant, he has stepped into the realm where his life will change forever.

Gen. 8: 20-22

Anyone that works in the path of covenant must understand the concept of giving. Man has to do his part for God to fulfil His covenant. Play your part and God will play His.

Thinking God will do everything for you is pure spiritual irresponsibility.

Gen. 15: 8-18

Longevity and wealth for the children of Israel became a covenant, from first being a promise, after the sacrifice had been made.

When God promises you, it is a future thing waiting to happen; when it moves to being a covenant – it has become something that has been activated.

Yes God makes promises, but don’t just check the promises, check the responsibility.

Many are waiting for harvest without putting in the work required.


A covenant is a seal and irrevocable agreement between God and man; and the moment you as the man engage in seed time, God is bound to bring your harvest. The highest thing in heaven is the word of God.

A covenant is an agreement between two or more people and is backed up by oath. A covenant is a bond with an oath to do or not to do.

Covenant is a platform where God supernaturally encounters His people. It is heaven’s system of blessing. Deut. 8: 18.

The covenant determines your covering.


1. Obey the law of seed time. Gen. 26: 12-14. The blessing of God makes you become the envy of people. Isaac received enviable blessings because he sowed!

Your seed is your tool for dominion.

The best is yet to come for you, but you must obey the law of seeding.

If you desire a future, you must learn how to plant.

Some facts about the law of seed time:

  • You will reap exactly what you sow.
  • If you don’t like your harvest, change the seed. It is foolishness to expect different results when you employ the same methods. If your life is not moving forward, check your seed, check your life, and check your service to God. Sometimes, the seed we put in cannot yield the results and harvest we expect. The law of seed and harvest has no respect for speaking in tongues or the unbeliever or believer – if an unbeliever sows the seed, he will reap the harvest!
  • The season you reap will be different from the season your sow (and vice versa).
  • The harvest is always more than the seed sowing.
  • The ground of life does not discriminate against the seed or the sower. A good seed in a good soil will always produce good harvest.
  • God gives everybody seed. Failure comes when people eat their seeds; while success comes when you plant your seed.

2. Step into the covenant through the communion. I Cor. 10: 1-3. Every child of God is baptized into the priest over him. This is the order in the kingdom of God – the cloud of glory over every one, then the priest/man of God, and then the people.

There is a place of spiritual authority, never forget that.

Partaking of the spiritual meat and drink unlocks blessings.

3. Step into the covenant through dedicated service. Exo. 23: 26. Serving with passion releases undeniable blessings and triggers the covenant.

When you work for man, you secure your salary/finance; but when you serve God, you secure your destiny – pursuing both makes you a made man!

Acts 13: 36 – the secret of David was service. He started fighting for Israel at the age of seventeen. When you serve God early, He blesses you early.

The more you push up the work of God, the higher you go!

4. Step into the covenant through your love for God, His people and all things of God.

Many people want to get from God, but lovers (of God) want to get God!

If we can learn to love God and fight away the things that fight for His spot, it will be amazing thing the blessings that follow loving him.


As you go this week,

May you step into the covenant of blessings beyond your calculation in Jesus’ name!

May you walk under the blessings of God always in the name of Jesus.

May the blessing that causes envy be activated in your own life in Jesus’ name.

I pray for you, may you grow financially, spiritually and in all areas of your life.

Backwardness is not your portion in Jesus’ name!

Over your life, I decree supernatural blessings in the name of Jesus!

You are stepping into a higher covenant this week in the name of Jesus!

I pray to God for you today, for the baptism of service. Receive grace to serve God with all your heart in Jesus’ name!

I prophesy over your life, as you enter into God’s covenant, what has never been done in your family before, you will begin to do them from today in Jesus’ name!

Enviable blessings are poured upon you today! Doors to blessings are opened unto you today in the name of Jesus!

God will take far away from you all glory and destiny haters in the name of Jesus! He is bringing into your life, men that matter to your destiny.

May God baptize you with the spirit of love for Him today in the name of Jesus!


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International