Dominion Through Planning


Proverbs 24: 3-4

Just as feet is to walking, so is wisdom to planning. A vision without proper planning will not see fulfilment.

To experience dominion this year, you must make planning priority in every aspect of your life.

Facts About Planning (Proverbs 16:1)

I am certain you know the popular saying – “failure to plan is planning to fail.”

– Without planning failure is inevitable.

– Prophecy without planning equals frustration.

– It takes an organized man to lead an organized, well-planned life.

– Without planning, prayer becomes a weight.

– Proper planning prevents poor performance. You can’t hold God responsible for your negligence.

– It makes you the architect of your future.

– It helps you to fine tune your life. Majority of the time, what you don’t plan for you don’t finish.


What Areas of Your Life Should You Plan?

Every area of your life! Plan your personal life, marital life, projects, academics, career path, health and physical well-being, finances – investments and savings, plan even your retirement.


What is Planning?

Planning is having a foresight of your future’s event.

It is the blue print of your future steps.

It is critically analyzing and drawing out steps to take in order to accomplish a task.

Strategizing, organizing and proper arrangement of events before they materialize.

Deciding in advance the “what, when, who and if” of any action.


Planning Boosters

Target: Without a target, what would be the purpose for planning? Target is something you are aiming at.

Excellence Culture: Have the best in mind. Excellence isn’t expensive, it is just culture you can learn.

Plan with a budget. Don’t just plan but check for the cost.

Plan with time and a mentor. Planning with someone who’s been there, made a few mistakes and is higher than you helps you see farther.


Reasons People don’t Plan

  • It is hardwork to plan.
  • Laziness. Proverbs 18:9
  • “No time.”
  • Inability to think and reason.
  • Oversight.
  • Wasteful living. Proverbs 28:20. God hates waste, where there is lack, there is or has been waste.


Blessings of Planning

–           It simplifies vision. It helps break down your vision into smaller goals.

–           It increases the efficiency of an organization. It makes you a goal-getter and your productivity increases.

–           It connects you with men of like-minds.

–           It reduces business-related risks. Life is full of risks, but effective planning reduces it.

–           It helps for proper management and organization of things.

–           It abolishes waste.

–           It helps to keep focus and control.

–           It draws your future closer to you.



Dear Lord, mature me on time for the plans you have for me.

Lord, I receive grace for continuous improvement until I become what you want me to be.




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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International