Dominion Through Covenant


Genesis 17:1-2 – And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said to him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be you perfect. And I will make my covenant between me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly.”

Psa. 89: 20-37 – when you’re under a covenant with God, you will be established. Anyone that fights you, He fights.

The covenant has the capacity to multiply you. When God is set to bring multiplication in people’s lives, He brings them into a covenant.  Before your problem came, your prophecy existed – it doesn’t matter your problem, your prophecy will come to pass.

There is no problem that has the capacity to overrule the prophecy you’re your life, because problem is of this realm while prophecy is of the spiritual realm.

Most of the time, entering into covenant with God will cost you, but thereafter, you will enjoy it.

A man of covenant knows that he must deny himself of pleasure today so he can enjoy the blessings later.

Acts 3: 25 – You are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham, And in your seed shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed.”

Character of the Covenant God

– Galatians 3:13; Exodus 6:1-8. God cannot forget covenant. Until you know God operates by generation, you will cut yourself away from the blessing.

– He is a fearful God. He is supposed to be feared and respected. Exodus 15:11

– He is a generational God. He is a family God – the God of the father and the sons. You can’t enjoy God if you’re just coming alone without spiritual linage. Genesis 28:12-13; Exodus 3:6.

– He is unstoppable in His heart; and when you serve Him, your blessing will be unstoppable. Job 9: 10 – He is a God of wonders without numbers! Rom. 11: 33 – His ways are past finding out, His works cannot be calculated.

– He is just and righteous. Anyone who will enjoy covenant must be the one who’s dedicated himself to living holy and just. II Tim. 4: 7; Deut. 32: 4.

In God’s judgement is rightness, and anyone that wants to walk in His covenant of favour must live righteously.

Facts about Covenant

– God only respects His covenant. He is no respecter of person but only those in covenant with Him. Psalm 74:20

– Covenant is superior to the climate. Either economic or geographical, it doesn’t matter because, when you’re under the covenant you are protected.

– It is the greatest guarantee of prosperity in hard times. Job 22: 29

– Continuous engagement causes for continuous flow of blessings.

– Covenant cannot be broken by any curse. No one can stop your blessings when you are under the covenant. Jer. 33: 19-21. You are part of the unstoppable and unbreakable blessing and favour of God when you are under His covenant. You are entitled to more than David enjoyed, because you are redeemed by the blood of Jesus not an animal.

– Covenant can be dormant for years until it is activated. It is what you do that causes heaven’s reaction.

People that Prospered through the Covenant

  • Abraham. Genesis 12:10; 13:1-2
  • Isaac. Genesis 26:12 despite the famine his spot was fruitful while other’s sides were dry.
  • Jacob
  • Joseph
  • Israel. God brought Israel out of Egypt and there was no one feeble amongst them – and they came out with prosperity. Psa. 105: 36.
  • You!

How to Trigger Covenant

– Dedicated Service. Majority of what you pray for, needs you to be more committed to your service to God for them to be activated. Service and commitment to the things of God brings promotion in all aspects of your life. It brings honour and activates favour (Psalm 102:13-14) & deliverance (Job 36:11).

– Become a Praise Addict. Hebrew 13:14-15. Give God heartfelt praise.

– Force of Sacrifice: Psalm 50:5 – through sacrificial giving, which in essence is giving/stretching beyond your natural capacity to please God. Tithing is appreciating God for His blessings in your life and giving the 10% of your income; while first fruit is packing it all and giving it to God. When giving becomes your lifestyle, favour and blessing becomes your experience. 2 Kings 3: 3-4

– Honouring His Prophet. This is a generation that talks against men of God, even within the walls of the church. But to experience and trigger the covenant of God over one’s life and the blessings that follow, you must honour and not “kill” your prophet. Luke 16: 16 – your prophet carries the womb for your miracle; and  to tap into the covenant he has with God for your life, you must – (a) value, (b) respect, (c) prefer, (d) receive, (e) follow the sent man set over your life.

Until you receive your man of God, the blessing and grace over His life will not flow to you.

– Connect to the one that carries the covenant. When you identify someone walking in the covenant of His grace and favour, connect to it.


In 2019, God will announce you. Your blessing will cross borders.

This new week, you shall be called for great things! God is lifting you!



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