Covenant Day of Favour


Divine favour is a force that connects a man to His future. Everyone has a picture of their future, but not everyone enters into that future because they are not favoured.

What is Favour?

Favour is a reward of prayer. When you pray for a thing, God answers with the favour that brings what you have asked for.

Favour is the divine current of help. With favour on your life, help just comes.

Favour connects to divine blessings – He has made everything ready for you, but it is favour that connects you to those things.

Favour makes men do your work willingly and without force. Isaiah 9: 11.

It is the spiritual pull that attracts God and man to prosper you.

Effects of Favour

  • Favour is the aroma of the great. If you are not perceived, you cannot be helped. Until men perceive you, until the right people notice you, no one will reach out to help you.
  • No one becomes great by just labour – what labour brings in years, favour can bring in one day!
  • Favour connects you to great men. I Samuel 16: 22, 23.
  • It takes favour to settle marital crisis.
  • Favour is that which makes life colourful. Without favour, life is tough. Job 10: 12. It is favour that adds flavor to your labour.
  • Favour is like a shield roundabout. Psa. 5: 12.
  • Favour gives victory. Psa. 41: 11. When favour is upon you, victory becomes attainable – your enemy does not triumph over you.
  • Favour forbids emptiness. Exo. 3: 21 – And I will give this people favor in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pass, that, when you go, you shall not go empty.”
  • Favour gives you good and quality life.
  • Favour gives you the ability to receive.
  • Favour delivers from affliction. Acts 7: 10


As you go this week,

May the oil of favour rest upon you. The anointing of favour will go everywhere with you.

As you go out this week, favour will encompass you!

May the cloud and spirit of favour rest over you. Whatever you have been labouring for, may the spirit of favour bring it to you today in Jesus’ name.

Receive the grace to stay connected to God and His will in Jesus’ name.

The mighty hand of favour will come upon you. Heaven will open doors for you.

May heaven announce you for help.



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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International