Covenant Day of Advancement


Gen. 26:  13 – “And [your name] waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great.”

Among the great, may you become the great!

From the covenant day of advancement, you will never have a better last year. Every year shall be for you a plus.

To advance means to improve and to promote. Psa. 75: 6 – only God can promote. From today heaven is setting you up.

To advance is to increase the standard of something. From this day, God is increasing your standard of living.

To advance is to add value to someone or something. May you add value daily. To add and receive value, one must surround himself with the right kind of crowd and cut off every person, friendship, relationship slowing him down. Abraham had to cut off Lot before he could fully enter into God’s plans for his life.

God is connecting you to that person that will help you enter into greatness today in the name of Jesus.


The Law of Time Management

Eccl. 9: 11. May your time and chance come. Now is your time! Opportunities that will prosper you are coming to you, platforms that will announce you are coming to you.

Your value for time will eventually determine your level in life. If you do not value time, you will miss your next level.

The Law of Thinking

Prov. 4: 23. Your thoughts are your life. Out of your heart are the forces that control your life – if you want advancement, your thoughts will determine a lot.

The law of thinking is processing your future now in your mind – this is progressive thinking.

Your thinking is your decking. You can never rise beyond your thinking. Phil. 4: 8

The Law of Capacity

Rom. 12: 3; Matt. 25: 15

Every one of us is of the capacity of one thing or the other, and if advancement is to happen in anyone’s life, God will not give him/her more than he can receive.

For advancement to happen, we must first increase our capacity to receive!

The capacity is the strength of what you can carry per time. Capacity is the estimated pressure of the weight you can carry per time according to your strength and build – what a cargo aircraft can carry, a helicopter cannot carry it.

Capacity speaks of your inner strength and potential.

  • Capacity can be enhanced, improved upon and developed.
  • Capacity can be dormant and stagnant.
  • Capacity determines how far and how much can be committed into your hands. God will not give you more than you can carry.

How to Improve Capacity:

  • Understand your vision and purpose for life.
  • Leave your comfort zone. Sometimes you cannot know how far you can go until you have left your comfortable place. Anything you are doing now that does not stress you or you do not need to train to do it, you have outgrown it – and if you remain in it, you will be only a local champion. Pain is part of growth, anything that will grow will stretch. Endure the pain so you can enjoy the gain.

Say this prayer today, Lord I receive capacity for what you have for me.

Finally, know that advancement does not just come – we build capacity for it; promotion does not just come – we qualify for it! Have friends that challenge you, not those that hail and praise you. Refuse to be a local champion. Refuse to be reluctant in building yourself.

May the spirit of complacency leave you! May it be replaced with the spirit of hunger and thirst for more. Receive capacity for new level in the name of Jesus!



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