Psa. 100: 1-5

Appreciation is important if you are going to gain acceleration in life. If you cannot thank Him, you are not worthy of the next blessing!

Amos. 9: 11-15 – God appreciates an attitude of praise. Anyone that will accelerate must be one that raises the tabernacle of praise to Him.

When you are praiseful, you begin to possess.

This month, everything your heart desires, you will possess them!

  • Acceleration is divine ability to achieve great things within a short time.
  • Acceleration is supernatural speed (as opposed to natural speed). It is the kind of speed that made Elijah outrun chariots (I Kings 18: 46). With accelerated, supernatural speed you pursue and overtake the things you have been chasing for years in a very short while!
  • Acceleration is impossible in God without appreciation.


Ps 103:1-5

Appreciation is:

  • An act of gratefulness for His faithfulness.
  • Being thankful for a favour received.
  • A show of gratitude.

Appreciation brings multiplication; and excitement is important for blessing to manifest!


  • As a result of the spirit of ingratitude. Deut. 28:47-48. Complaining and murmuring only prolongs prophecy. Phil 4:6. Ask yourself, “am I a complainer?”Are you an ingrate? Are you ungrateful or grateful? Deut. 28: 47-48 shows us that if we do not want to be in pain, or be naked, in thirst and in hunger, we must praise God always over murmuring.

    If you take things for granted, you will soon be grounded!

    A great achievement the devil can make with your life is to make you unappreciative – it robs you of God’s blessings.

  • As a result of present hour challenge. Because you are going through one thing now should not make you ungrateful. Be thankful because the glory awaits is bigger than what you are going through. Thank God on your present level for your next level.
  • As a result of delayed desires. Habb. 3:17-19; Prov 13:12. Delay is not denial – we must always remember that appreciation speeds up whatever we are asking from God.

    Sometimes God delays some desires because He has something else in mind – when you believe that, the way you thank Him will be different.

    Don’t you ever catch yourself with an ungrateful spirit. One of the spirits of end times is the ungrateful spirit, and when that catches up with a believer, the person is set for dryness!

    In the season of acceleration, I decree that the spirit of ungratefulness is broken away from you.

  • As a result of forgetfulness of past favours. Psa. 103:2. People tend to remember the bad things happening to them than of the good things God has done and has promised to do.
  • Ignorance. Hosea 4:6. If you do not know the power of something, you fail to know the kind of impact it can make. Never ignore what appreciating God can do for you.
  • Comparison. II Cor. 10:12. It is lack of wisdom to compare yourself with your neighbour – believe that because God just blessed your neighbour, then He must be in your neighbourhood; so thank Him for your own blessing that is coming!


Luke 17: 17-19 – many times people come to God, they ask for miracles and receive them but never come back to give God praise until there is another challenge. We should learn from thankful leper in that text.

Ways to Appreciate:

  • Thanksgiving. Heb. 13:15.In praise, singing, dancing and honouring God. Thanksgiving to God gives permanent blessings! May the spirit of thankfulness come on you enough to return to give gratitude to God.
  • By offering gifts. Psa. 50:14. Even to people that seem to make things difficult to you e.g. boss, in-laws etc., offer gifts to them – afterall, you are still in that job and in that marriage.
  • By speaking grateful words. Psa. 69:30. Learn to speak well of the ones God has used for you in life. Do not speak of people’s wrongs, speak of their good and appreciate them.
  • By testifying. Just like speaking grateful words about others who have helped you; speak of the good God has done you. Count your blessings, name them one by one. Psa. 9:1
  • By helping others. James 1: 27. As you do not take the help of others for granted, you should also offer help to those who need it.

    If you want to act like a true Christian, you must bless others!

May God give you the heart of appreciation in Jesus’ name! Welcome to your month of acceleration once again!


God bless you for reading!

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