Everyone that must reach his goals must know he cannot do it without sacrifice.

Everyone reaches the point of victory by paying the price.

Psa. 20: 1, 2

We serve a Spirit God; and understanding the ways of the spirit exposes us to a life of supernatural living and victory.

The altar of sacrifice is where God meets with man – it brings God and man together on the same platform.

What is Sacrifice?

It is power to lay it down, to surrender it. Unless you receive grace and power to lay down your seed, nothing can grow and multiply. Harvest is possible only when we sacrifice the seed. John 12: 24-26

It is the ability to go the extra mile by laying down important and valuable things in order to achieve a thing. II Kings 3: 22

It is giving it all it takes to trigger your greatest desires. The God of heaven walks on the path of your sacrifice to your location. II Kings 3: 1

God was pleased enough with Solomon’s sacrifice that He asked him what he wants – Solomon had given too much not to have asked anything. Upon asking, God became equally pleased with his request. Solomon did not ask amiss.

Because of his sacrifice,

  • God exceeded his request. He gave him extras! No man till today has come close to acquiring the amount of Solomon’s wealth.
  • He had a peaceful reign. Solomon was the only king in the Bible that did not fight a battle. God made him a friend of everyone, and touched the heart of everyone for his sake.

Sacrifice is doing and giving that which cost and pains deeply you in order to access divine provisions. It if is not painful, it is not a sacrifice. Psa. 126: 5

Until it is painful and tearful sometimes, it does not generate the blessing that we desire.

Sacrifice is the cost of what you offer and not the volume. Mark 12: 21 – 24 is the story of the widow’s mite. Her little was considered the best in terms of cost and value because it came from a place of pain and sacrifice. (VOLUME vs. VALUE)

If it is not painful, it is not gainful. Until it costs you, it is not a sacrifice.

David was another man that gave sacrificially to God; and as a result of his giving:

  • He became the chosen. Please know that when you are heaven’s elect, you become the devil’s target.

***** Please do not mistake sacrifice for bribe, God cannot be bribed. You give to Him because you love Him, not because you want nothing in return.

I pray for you, receive the grace and power to lay it down – the sacrifice that will lead to your victory.

I speak against battles in your life, you will enjoy a life of victory.


God bless you for reading!

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Senior Pastor of Hisdayspring Ministries International